Led Troffer Wiring Diagram

Lithonia Lighting 2 ft. x 4 ft. Fully Luminous White Integrated LED ... 34-Watt White Integrated LED Troffer

Led Troffer Wiring Diagram - The troffer provides maximum light distribution. It is ideal for commercial and industrial uses. • High quality LED chips with 50,000 hours • No flicker WIRING DIAGRAM: Page: 1 of 2 LED 39W Troffer Spec LOD-39W24TR-40K LOD-39W24TR-50K . Phone: 1-510-770-1189 | Fax: 1-510-217-9461 | Web: www.ledonedistribution.com | E-mail: info-service. separated internally for proper wiring of the LED tube. Refer to installation diagrams. covers at both ends of troffer. •Wiring Before Retrofit Apply supplied label SKU #300003 with arrow pointing to wired sockets of troffer, indicating modified power socket.. Ideal for LED architectural lighting applications, these troffers are available in a variety of color temperatures. And with SmartCast ® Technology, Cree’s intelligent light solution, the CR Series provides a combination of extreme energy productivity and a more personalized light experience that’s so intuitive and simple, it just works..

This LED troffer retrofit kit is designed to replace fluorescent lamps within conventional recessed mount fluorescent troffers or surface mount strip fixtures in dry and damp locations.. LED Troffer Retrofit Kit . Wiring Diagram . Connecting Driver to AC source supply: Operating temp: -30 F to 130F . LED Troffer Retrofit Kit Installation 1. Remove diffuser, fluorescent tubes and all other internal components. Disconnect fluorescent ballast from power wires.. Recessed Troffer Fixture – Select a convenient location with proper clearance in the ballast cover and drill or Push the plastic tube through the bushing. Disconnect the leads from the LED housing and route the leads down the plastic tube. Reconnect the leads to the For wiring diagrams of ballasts not shown, consult our Customer.

Installing 2x2 and 2x4 Panels – Support 6) Cap the yellow fixture lead. Do not connect.
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Lithonia Lighting 2 ft. x 2 ft. White Integrated LED Lay-In Troffer ... White Integrated LED Lay-In Troffer
Lithonia Lighting 2 ft. x 4 ft. White Integrated LED Lay-In Troffer ... White Integrated LED Lay-In Troffer

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